Monday, March 16, 2015

Lifestyle portrait: Jenna Braddock from Make Healthy Easy

If you're lucky, I mean REALLY lucky, you have one, or maybe even two people that have been by your side your whole life. You know those friends that, in some seasons you talk every few days, and others you go a few months... but pick back up like you never missed a day? That friend that was there when your kindergarten crush  Jeremiah ( I will omit his last name less he get trashed on social media LOL!) kissed your SISTER'S!!!! arm under the monkey bars! Ugh. How could he? And that tragedy in middle school where you're so tall and skinny that people called you giraffe (then the same boys begged to let them take you out in high school... heck no! What do you think I have amnesia?! ) Well, let me introduce this girl.... Jenna Braddock.

Jenna and I have been friends since birth. Our mammas, who are dear dear friends, even had us on the same day. I guess it was destiny that we would always be joined by the hip. Well I am SO proud of my former kindergarten playmate.... she is now an accomplishedmutiply published nutritionist and teacher at  University of North Floridain Jacksonville. You go girl!

She has been driving down to visit me from Jax to get some photography classes with me, and we always manage to sneak in a FABULOUS girls night (pics below!) This last visit I shot a quick portrait for her nutrition and exercise online presence.

Hope you enjoyed, thought I would switch it up a bit this week! Check out Jenna's stuff at:

Jenna Braddock MSH

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