Monday, December 3, 2012

Bethany and Rob Wedding: Workhouse Arts

Rob and Bethany were my last wedding of the 2012 season. I always take winters off to rejuvenate, rest, and get all freshened up for my next year. And boy... this was a GREAT wedding to end on.  As my regular readers know I always ask my bride and groom for 3 words to describe their style and can you guess from the pictures below ( my first look of the bride and groom on their wedding day) what their 3 words were?

Fun, silly, and modern... YES! Love it!

Rob and Bethany brought these mustaches and glasses... which I, of course, loved!

Now, brace yourself.. this reception was hoppin'!  This is a new-ish reception venue to the DC-area bride and I'm so happy to maybe be the first to introduce you to it. Workhouse Arts Center is a beautiful space. Large, well lit, decorated with lovely contemporary art, and apparently very well priced.... I'll cheers to that!

The food also was blowing my mind. I overhead so many guests gush over how good everything tasted and just look at it... an artwork in itself! Props to you all at Main Event Catering ... stunning

Rob is in design and he did this illustration of the two of them... how fun!
I wish I had a clip of this first dance- they had quite the moves!

Now- another totally amazing thing about the reception... the photo booth. Being a wedding photographer, I've seen quite a bit of booths- but I have to say- this company takes the competition HANDS DOWN. If you don't already know them- meet BASH BOOTHS

Things I loved about this booth that were different than others was that since it was bigger, it allowed for big group shots with lots of pictures. Also, there was an option to record a video for the couple, and as you can see the props are INSANELY AWESOME!! This is soooo THE company to go with you guys!

And so funny, just a few days before this wedding I did a post of cake toppers (click HERE if you missed it) and one of my favs... was on the cake at the wedding. How awesome is this whoopie pie tower and cake topper? Bethany's mom painted it!

YUUUUM right? Wow!

I caught this adorable DIY touch... a pic of each of them as children by the bathroom signs!
And as you would expect for someone who's theme words were "silly" and "fun"- the dance floor was bananas!

Thank you Gangnam Style for great dance floor moves! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about you need to get up to speed on your music videos. Even I, who has no TV, knows about this!)

There are SO many more pictures I'd love to share- but alas, I must keep some surprises for the album. Thanks Rob and Bethany for allowing us to capture your big day- it was definitely fun and silly!

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  1. Best wedding ever!! Best photos ever! Thanks for sharing.