Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 of 2012

Well... here it is, the end of the 2012 year. I can't believe it's over. It was a great one and I could think of nothing better than to wrap up this year with my top 12 of 2012 post.  It was impossible to pick, but here are my top 12 (from WEDDINGS only) from this year (in no order... they're all dear to my heart!)


1.  The photobooth (Bash Booths)


2. Sunshine Bath


3.  Love at Sea


4. Caught in the act


5. American Gothic Fall


6. Say Cheese


7. Party Rockers 


8.  On the farm


9. A happy place


10. The beauty

11. The modern man

12. Henna Art

Ahhh... I love all of those and all the wonderful people who's life we had the privilege of  being involved in.  Thanks to all my  2012 brides and grooms... you guys made my year SO awesome!!! Now very important...


because the couple who's photo wins will get a ....

FREE 8 x 10 custom printed WOTO!!! ($100 value)

This is an example below
The couple who's winning picture gets the most votes will get to choose THEIR favorite shot from their wedding for a custom made WOTO to decorate their new happy home! So comment below (on this blog post) the number of which shot is your favorite. I'll give you guys the whole week to vote, and announce the winner NEXT MONDAY on my Inspire-Me-Monday post. So leave a comment below on which shot is your fav and win a happy couple a beautiful custom designed piece for their new home.
And one more time THANK YOU to all my  lovely 2012 brides and grooms- you were awesome. BIG BIG thank you also to Steve and Muriel who were top notch photographers for me this year (many of the top 12 images above are shot by them!) and keep us leaving a trail of happy brides in our wake! Cheers! And happy new years!
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  1. #3 - Love at Sea. What an amazing day it was! And captured so beautifully!

  2. "Love at Sea" is beautiful. I love the composition and the many horizontal shades of blue from top to bottom.

  3. #9, A Happy Place
    Great shot, Michelle! :)

  4. #9 a happy place :D

  5. #9--What a beautiful couple :-)

  6. #9 A Happy Place :)

  7. #9! A great couple and picture!