Monday, February 18, 2013

Extreme Photo Art! A portrait gone wild

If you're a regular reader of the blog... you've heard the name Sugar Taylor before. She's the mastermind and creative force behind DIYva Designs. If you don't know about them yet (have you been hiding in a cave?!?!) they're at the very top of DC's most creative event planning companies. If you're an off beat bride- looking for some fresh ideas and not another snooze-worthy wedding.. DIYva Designs is your go-to. Trust me. Anytime I get an email from a client of theirs they get top priority booking because I know I'm in for an artistic treat.

Okay enough... now for pics... sit down before scrolling... you may become disoriented!

Okay, that's intense! We'll have to work our way up to this. Let's start with something more chill. Sugar has had some beautiful portraits taken, but this time wanted something really artistic, so she decided to come to me.  We had a initial attraction towards doing a Twiggy shoot, and started with some of those images.This is Twiggy if you're not familiar.

Shot by Traci

Shot by Traci

Shot by Traci

Did I nail it? And Sugar of course never disappoints with the posing! Sugar also said she would love some in a kind of 70's editing. So here's some of that fun-ness!

P.S. Are you loving these awesome 70's clothes and neat jewelry. The clothes and jewelry (not the black and white stuff though) were styled by

Love the 70's look but also loved some of these in color... what do you like best? (Leave a comment below)

Now... for the CRAAAZINESSS!!!! I'll break you in slowly then bring on the full fledged insanity. We started with the Twiggy 70's look but Sugar also told me that I could bring ANY idea that I wanted, knowing it would be off the wall. I spent a long time thinking about it and taking Sugar's loud, fun, and wild personality I decided to try to tip my hat off to the Pop Art movement. Very bold, very graphic, extremely crazy. I think Sugar and Andy Warhol would have made good friends!

 Okay... I feel I've broken you in softly. Now for when I blared crazy music and unleashed the full unbridled artisness!! Make sure you're sitting down.

Shot by Traci

 Okay, I've gotta say this one below if one of my favs... have I completely gone off the deep end??!

Sugar... we're excited to know, which shot is your fav... and everyone one else, did you like best the 70's ones, the b&w twiggy's or the crazy pattern overload? Leave a note! (will be approved before posting)
Thanks Sugar for an AWESOME sesh! You never disappoint for bringing the fun and craziness!!! Let's make this an annual thing! For my readers, hope you enjoyed and got a glimpse of the ideas that float around in my head. If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, I encourage you to. I post pictures on there that I don’t on the blog, links to freebees, DIY projects, wedding trends, inspirational ideas, and of course creative, artistic photography. So if you haven’t already I invite you to “Like Us” by clicking HERE so you can be part of the fun!  Have a great week! 

*The pics that say "Shot by Traci were shot by our newest team member... you guessed it... Traci! I'll tell you all about her soon. Hang tight and be excited. Mad skills as you can already see! Cheers!

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